Elma Hajric, PhD


Elma Hajric is a newly minted Spring 2024 graduate, holding a PhD in Human and Social Dimensions of Science and Technology from Arizona State University. She was named an Outstanding Graduate Student and received this esteemed award from the School for the Future of Innovation in Society. She also received certification from the National Science Foundation as a Trainee in Citizen-Centered Smart Cities and Smart Living. Elma is also a 2022-2024 cohort Humanities, Arts, Science, and Technology Alliance and Collaboratory (HASTAC) scholar. 

Elma has published articles on topics such as AI regulation, GAO reports on 5G and commercial uses of facial recognition, collaborated on knowledge mobilizations, and presented research at organizations such as IEEE, AAG, and 4S.  

Her work engages the fields of Critical Data Studies and Science and Technology Studies with a particular interest in sociotechnical imaginaries of smart cities and data justice from an intersectional feminist technoscience perspective.

Elma also holds a Master of Science and Technology Policy (MSTP) degree from the School for the Future of Innovation in Society at Arizona State University, where she garnered expertise in policy issues related to data privacy, data governance, biodata, surveillance, and digital rights. 

She also earned a dual Bachelor of Arts degree in International Affairs and German from Northern Arizona University, with a minor in global development and social justice.

Elma has 15+ years of interdisciplinary, diverse, and multi-sectoral experience, providing depth and practical understanding to her research. Working experiences include corporate, academic, and governmental roles, as well as political campaigning and human rights activism.