4th Annual Conference on Anticipation 2022, Organizing Committee Member

Elma was part of the Organizing Committee as an 'Anticipation Fellow' for the 4th international conference on Anticipation, with an emphasis on themes relating to just futures. She designed the scientific committee review process, served primarily as a technical chair managing the scientific committee and submissions, and set-up and managed EasyChair communications. She advised on several components of the conference, in-step with the Chair and meticulously maintained and updated coding on the website, alongside creading and editing content for both the website and social media.

The international conference was held in the United States for the first time November 16th-18th, 2022 and received over 250 submissions from 48 countries, and featured an in-person and virtual program component. The conference was comprised of individual papers, techniques workshop, curated sessions, and new ideas sessions.

Public Exhibit:  Can We Make It? Should We Make It? Emoji Technology Assessment

"Invention shapes society in many ways, some intended and some not. In this exhibition and performance space, explore the Future of Invention, with an eye towards questions of ethics, social benefit, and environmental impacts". 

This was a public-facing exhibition curated during an independent reading course focused on futures readings. Emoji were utilized as a form of Technology Asessement, where the public could engage with the card deck pictured below and respond to various technologies featured in the exhibition.

originally presented at EMERGE 2019; also presented at 4S Prague 2020:
Digital object:

Knowledge Mobilization Project: Risk Bites: Five Ethical Challenges of Neuralink-like Brain Implants

Collaboration with Dr. Andrew Maynard on Risk Bites: an educational video as part of a knowledge mobilization project on on Brain Computer Interfaces (BCI) and potential ethical scenarios for the anticipating the future of emerging technologies. 

Five Ethical Challenges of Advanced Brain Computer Interfaces | Public Interest Technology

Sustainability in the Smart City-Consultation Report on Mental Health Implications of Emerging Technologies

This report was created as a collaborative effort in consultancy of a 'smart' city being created in Arizona. It is oriented around forecasting of sustainability challenges to the future of Arizona's cities looking at years 2030, 2050 and 2070 based on the IPCC report. We focused on mental health considerations as an aspect of sustainability and provide a robust overview of mitigation strategies using case studies in Australia, Japan, Ireland, Germany and the United States of mental health related wellness efforts. Our study includes analysis and advocacy of efforts around noise reduction, green spaces, city wellness efforts and the implications of surveillance in emerging technologies. We propose a framework for ethical considerations of technological adoptions in the 'smart' city and advocate for centering of mental health implications as it relates to sustainability and climate change.